mardi 10 janvier 2012

Andréa & Anna

As you all know this blog is a creation between me and my two cousins (Sophie and Andréa), I want to tell you about the name of our blog: “AppleRose”. We came up with the idea of making this blog last year (2011) but we didn’t know how should we name it, first it started with “CosmoFab”, than “La vie en rose”, we couldn’t decide, but then Sophie told us: “How about AppleRose?”, and we loved. We named our blog like this because this is the name of a cocktail and our blog is a cocktail of our lives, we both live in different places, we have different styles and different lives. We created this little space to show you a bit of our lives, our passions and above all to show you how much love we have for each other.
Now the blog only has 2 weeks but we think it will grow has the time passes by. We hope you all enjoy our posts and come visit us every time you want!
Big kisses,

Sophie, Andréa and Ana.

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